10 Ways Exercise Enhances Your Sex Life

According to our friends at PenilePlus exercise is the key to a better sex life. I suppose this shouldn’t be a shocking realization as sex is a physical act that involves strength, stamina and endurance. Just like physical training better prepares athletes for important competitions, rigorous exercise can also enhance your performance in the bedroom. Unfortunately, many people aren’t even aware of the important role exercise can play in enriching their sex life. In the following paragraphs, I will detail ten different ways regular exercise can improve your sexual experiences.

Greater Self-Confidence

A positive self-image plays a major role in how sexual and sexually successful we feel. If we have a poor self-image and lack self-confidence, our desire and sexual performance will likely decrease. Oftentimes, we can increase our self-confidence simply by having a set goal, a plan for achieving it and accomplishing small daily steps of that plan. Developing a routine of running or going to the gym every day after work is one way we can feel like we have more control over our lives, are accomplishing something and improving our bodies.

Mood Enhancement

Regular exercise after work helps to relieve stress and give you a sense of accomplishment. Rather than passively watching tv, viewing programs that raise your stress levels, or doing other things that only make you ponder daily troubles, go for a run or take a trip down to the local gym. In so doing, you will develop a happier, more energetic mood that will be more attractive to your partner.

More Rapid Stimulation

When you exercise regularly, you actually train your body to respond to physical stimuli more quickly. Routine exercise makes your brain release endorphins, hormones that make you feel euphoric, on a regular basis. Over time, your brain becomes better at producing these hormones and makes them more quickly in response to stimuli.

Greater Flexibility

As you begin to exercise more, your body will become much more flexible. You’ll be able to try new and exciting positions, without experiencing much pain or difficulty. This, of course, will lead to a more exciting sex life.

Better Sex Life

Improved Circulation

Exercising on a routine basis strengthens your cardiovascular system and will greatly improve blood flow within your body. This will also enhance your sex life, since better circulation improves sexual organ function. Circulation plays an integral part in maintaining erections and vaginal stimulation.

Muscle Strengthening

Working out at the gym, lifting weights or doing other muscle-building exercises, will develop and further strengthen your major muscles. This, in turn, will make it much easier to hold a multitude of erotic positions and perform during intense sexual workouts.

Stress Relief

Physical exertion can help us forget the various stresses of our workday and put us in a much more appealing mood. After work, going for a run or lifting weights at the gym will make you much more relaxed and ready for a fun evening.

Feeling Sexy

As your body becomes more toned and shapely through exercise, you’ll start to feel much more sexy. Others will notice your new appearances and will react to you differently. When they do so, it will only heighten your own perception of your sexual attractiveness.

Increased Endurance and Stamina

When you exercise regularly, you strengthen your heart and increase both your endurance and stamina. This is essential for good sex because it keeps you energized and lengthens the duration of your sexual encounters. The longer you can perform, the more orgasms and pleasure you can give.

Becoming More Physically Attractive

Last, but certainly not least, routine exercise makes your body look much more appealing to your partner. Toned, fit and shapely lovers are obviously much more tempting than those that are out of shape. Your attractive new image will certainly activate your lover’s imagination and only increase his/her sexual desire for you.